I am not my body, we are judged by gender, ethnicity, appearance, but we are not our bodies.

No-Body - video, 12 minute, loop

Giclée prints - stills from the video


determiner  Not any

to indicate that something is quite the opposite of what is being specified - hardly any - used in notices or slogans forbidding or rejecting something specified   exclamation  Used to give a negative response   synonyms  no indeed, absolutely not, most certainly not, of course not,under no circumstances, by no means, not at all, negative, never, not really, no thanks expressing disagreement or contradiction - expressing agreement with or affirmation of a negative statement - expressing shock or disappointment adverb  With comparative Not at all: to no extent, Scottish Not  noun  A negative answer or decision, especially in voting  synonyms  rejection, refusal, veto, no, negation, rebuff, disapproval, turning down,turndown, non-acceptance, declining, dismissal, spuning, cold shoulder, cold-shouldering, snub, snubbing


noun  The physical structure, including the bones, flesh, and organs, of a person or an animal  synonyms  anatomy, figure, frame, form, shape, build, physique, frame work, skeleton, bones, flesh and bones, the trunk apart from the head and the limbs - synonyms  torso, trunk, chest, stomach, middle - a corps  synonyms corps, dead body, cadaver, caress, skeleton, remains, relics, - (mass noun) the physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul ans spirit - informal, a persons body regarded as an object of sexual desire dated informal, a person of a specified type  synonyms  fellow, thing, individual, soul, character, creature, wrech


pronoun  No person: no one  synonyms  nobody, not a soul, not anyone, not a person, not a single person, never a one, no man, none  noun  A person of no importance or authority  synonyms  - insignificant: person, nonentity, non-person, gnat, insect, cipher